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CML Capital

Investing to Change the Character of the World

Our Story

CML Capital FormulaCapital is the fuel that allows great ideas to take shape.  At CML Capital we are committed to investments into those engines that can create a positive change in our culture.  Our primary focus is to invest into local market communities with a new entertainment distribution model called CML Entertainment.  Once this new ecosystem is fully operational it will support community-based engagements in small town markets across America.  In addition to capital for this ecosystem, additional capital will be needed to produce, acquire, or license content that supports this distribution model.  Everything in which we invest  must be viewed through the filter of producing an environment of positive character and role models.

Historically, Character was at the center of the rise of our Republic and yet it is not longer a focus of entertainment products.  In fact, excessive violence, nudity, and foul language seem to the the “new normal”.

With our targeted investments we will achieve a substantial ROI while becoming a positive catalyst for a wave of change across our nation.  We will also use CML Capital to create a network of like minded Americans in a crowdsourcing model to fund Character based entertainment.  In addition, we will create a 501c3 that will allow others to make  monthly contribution in support of character based entertainment products.  All of these different capital engines will support the other as we attempt to re-introduce the American consumer that Character Matters.